Walks around Springburn

Spring Walks

At the moment the wild cherry blossom is in full bloom on the track beside the burn. Further on aconites and primroses can be seen on the rhododendron walk.

The heron is busy catching frog spawn on the loch while the ducks are starting to pair up.

No matter what time of year you spend a holiday here  there is always something different to be seen while out walking on Springburn.

Things to be looking out for next month.

The osprey usually visits  to go fishing on the loch.  The young deer are due to be born.  A fawn  was once seen being born in the garden at the kestrel cabin by the Robinson family.

The rhododendrons will be in full bloom.  The most important event will be the arrival of Charlie the Highland Cow calf.  We are busy preparing the field for him at the moment.